Hi Guys, In this post we’ll learn a very powerful technique that will help you learn Vocabulary: Mnemonics. Yes, the word ‘mnemonics’ by itself is one of those scary GRE words, but it is something that – if you master – can help you conquer the rest of those scary words.

What is Mnemonics?

Mnemonics is the technique that assists memory to retain a word in association with some mental image or visualization. It’s all about creating a story around the word, this in turn creates an image. The crazier and the funnier these are, the easier it becomes for your mind to recall those words.

Take the word CALLOW for instance.


 Mnemonic: Can’t ALLOW. In my story, I have many young cousins who are in their teens and at the same time I have many other cousins who are young adults. Every time there’s a family gathering all the adults sneak out to pubs and party; the teenagers though beg, plead and argue so that they will be allowed to come along. Now, because I’m the eldest one I am to assume the responsibility of explaining to them why these cute li’l babies can’t come along. And every time I fail to explain lovingly, my last resort is – “Coz you are CALLOW, I Can’t ALLOW”. Friends, I guess now you all can predict what Callow means. We can’t allow younger ones because they are immature or inexperienced.

You can have your own story involving characters from your own world. The purpose is that you remember a word accurately and recall it with ease. Hence this technique works best when you create your own crazy stories. Here are a few more words and suggested mnemonic that will help you remember them with ease.


parsimonyMnemonic: PURSE ME MONEY. Who always has money in purse? The one who doesn’t spend much i.e. Miser.

Story: If I give you a Rs. 2000 note ( a 1000 note exists no more :P) as pocket money for a week. After a week ,when I ask you how much did you spend, if you show me the same Rs 2000 PURSE ME MONEY, I’d call you PARSIMONIOUS.


Abash2Mnemonic: ABEY SSHHH . In Hindi, calling somebody Abey and asking him to shut up with Sshh is very derogatory and equates to looking down on him i.e. to Humiliate.

Story: In a group of all senior players when a talented junior tries to share his strategy and a senior player, in order to kill his confidence, shouts at him ABEY SSHHH -we can say the senior ABASHED him.


abandonMnemonic: AB BAN DONE . What do we do when we Ban something? Give up completely or cease to look after i.e. Desert.

Story: Despite your Mom’s denial you get a cute li’l dog home, and he keeps littering here and there. Your Mom gets furious and throws the pet out, saying AB BAN DONE which means she ABANDONS the dog.


boisterousMnemonic: BOYS+YOUNGSTERS. How do Young Boys behave? Noisy and Energetic i.e. Unrestrained.

Story: A group of guys plan a Reunion after 10 years of high school. They organize a house party. These guys go nostalgic with loud music, dance, and laughter. Disturbed with the noise, the landlord comes and warns them saying Why big BOYS behave YOUNGSTERS. Next morning he complains against their BOISTEROUS behavior.


idiosyncrasy2Mnemonic: IDIOT & CRAZY.How does an idiot and crazy person would behave? In his own peculiar manner i.e. Weird

Story: My best friend has this peculiar habit of eating nails while thinking for which people call her IDIOT & CRAZY but it’s just her little IDIOSYNCRASY.

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A friend, mentor and life-enthusiast by instinct, Krishnam is known for being extremely empathetic to student needs. She has been coaching students for the GRE, GMAT and SAT for about 7 years now, and has taught over 10,000 students. In her free time she indulges in stolen vacations and finds solace in cooking, eating and playing hostess.