stack-of-books-1001655_640One of the biggest reasons people decide to stop preparing for a test or examination is that they stop finding the experience enjoyable and as a result get severely demotivated. To make learning enjoyable, it definitely helps if motivation is more intrinsic (curiosity, search for solutions to a problem etc..) than extrinsic (career growth, bonus, passing exam etc…).

That said, you can add these aspects of motivation to your learning:


  1. Find a way to make learning meaningful in the real world: For example, if you’re learning how to code, try creating a mini program putting into effect what you just learned. Let every lesson / session you undertake bring some meaning to you. This will ensure that your passion to learn is sustained for a long time.
  2. Set realistic goals for learning: Make sure you set milestones that you aim to achieve. This will invoke your innate sense of competition and ensure that you don’t slack off and lose focus. Keep in mind though, to keep your goals realistic. Unrealistic goals can demotivate.
  3. Learn WITH someone. This can supplement points 1 and 2 in that a study group / partner can help you keep your motivation up, ensure that your learning is meaningful and also give you an atmosphere of (friendly) competition.
  4. TEACH! Sometimes the best way to learn something and truly understand the intricacies of things is to teach what you’ve learned to someone else. This ensures that all your assumptions are questioned and all your gaps in knowledge researched and fixed! Also doing something for someone else improves your passion for something and makes the entire learning process way more meaningful! 

Try these out, let us know how effective these tips were. You might also like our article on 3 learning techniques to help score better.

Ajeeth Peo loves strategy games, long drives and dogs. He is extremely passionate about teaching, especially anything that concerns English. With several years of experience teaching the GRE, GMAT and SAT, Ajeeth has coached several students to near perfect scores.