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An Expert’s guide to PSAT and NMSQT

If you think the PSAT is just a practice test, then you’re missing a key part of the story. The PSAT/NSMQT is a preliminary version of the SAT. It is meant to prepare students for taking the SAT (or ACT) by simulating a shorter version of the exam, exposing students to relevant testing material, and showing students where they need to

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Ace the New SAT Essay Task

In another post, All about the SAT ESSAY, we learned what the new SAT essay is, in a nutshell. In this post let us understand the insights of this portion and let us learn how to ace the new SAT task . As seen in previous post, SAT essay doesn’t test you only on…..

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All about the New SAT Essay

SAT as you know, has been redesigned in 2016. Along with the entire test, the Essay section is also revamped and overhauled. The redesigned SAT Essay asks you to use your reading, analysis, and writing skills. Though the premise sounds simple enough, there is much confusion and apprehension about preparing for, and approaching the SAT Essay task. Through this article, lets check out what changes have happened……

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