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How to Choose Your USMLE Prep Partner

Many students we have come into contact with us for USMLE Prep, have a frequent question: “How do I know if your prep tools are best for me?”. In this article, we at LogIQuest-Kaplan try to explore few factors based on which you can choose your prep partner.

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For students who have the question: “Why USMLE?” the answer is really tricky and usually there is no correct or a standard answer. In this blog-post, we would try to put forth few pointers to answer this question.
Point 1: Numbers;
Point 2: Experience;
and Point 3:

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An Expert’s guide to PSAT and NMSQT

If you think the PSAT is just a practice test, then you’re missing a key part of the story. The PSAT/NSMQT is a preliminary version of the SAT. It is meant to prepare students for taking the SAT (or ACT) by simulating a shorter version of the exam, exposing students to relevant testing material, and showing students where they need to

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