sat_sharpen_lowIf you’re looking to apply to an undergraduate program in the US for the 2017 or 2018 intakes, it’s a good idea to register for and write the actual SAT soon. With multiple SAT dates round the corner (October 1,November 5, December 3), we suggest that you start your SAT prep as soon as possible with a clear focus on how to approach the test.

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Here are three steps to ensure an effective SAT preparation.

Step 1: Know the test



The SAT is a long and intense test. Being aware of the different aspects of the test is paramount to achieving higher scores.

Some of the most important aspects are:

  1. Knowing the question formats and the kind of questions you will see
  2. Becoming familiar with the concepts tested
  3. Understanding method and effective strategies to approach each question type
  4. Developing test-taking stamina by attempting multiple full-length SAT practice tests

Step 2: Strategize your preparation


Now that you have awareness of what the SAT is and what it tests, the second stage is to prepare in a way that is effective.

Here is how we suggest you go about your SAT preparation:

  1. Start with a full-length mock test to understand your baseline and estimate the amount of preparation necessary for each section of the test
  2. Enrol into a good test preparation program or study using high quality SAT study materials
  3. Plan to allocate 3-4 months of your time for SAT prep
  4. Schedule periodic full-length mock tests during your preparation time (a minimum of 6).

Step 3: Practice with authentic material


The changes that SAT has had in 2016 have been quite substantial. As a result, a lot of the test preparation books out there may not really represent what the SAT actually tests; they may also not prepare you in a way that is realistic for how SAT tests concepts. For this reason it is imperative that you study using high quality authentic material. As a rule of thumb, make sure you use course material that has been published by international test prep companies that have a great reputation for publishing study materials. Kaplan inc., Manhattan Test Prep are some examples of these.

Also, ensure that you get a copy of the Official Guide to the SAT published by the CollegeBoard (the makers of the test). The Khan Academy also has some really good test preparation content for the SAT. Be sure to check these out.

Want to know more about preparing for the SAT? Get in touch with us at 040-44664250 and we’ll help you sort out a study program that works for you.