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GMAT testing engine: Factors affecting the GMAT score

Quick question: Is GMAT exam a computer based test or a computer adaptive test [CAT] in any way?
Ans: it’s adaptive and it is question adaptive. That means, if you do the current question correct, the next question will be harder than the present one. If you get the current question wrong, the next question would be easier than the one you answered wrong. For understanding the factors affecting the GMAT score, we shall consider…..

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How to Make learning enjoyable

One of the biggest reasons people decide to stop preparing for a test or examination is that they stop finding the experience enjoyable and as a result get severely demotivated.
To make learning enjoyable, it definitely helps if motivation is more intrinsic than extrinsic. That said, you can add these aspects of motivation to your learning:

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Know your SAT Grammar:Punctuations

Punctuations are extremely important. Wrong punctuations can cause ambiguity in meaning, or sometimes even completely misrepresent the intended meaning of a sentence. For instance, it can make a sweet natured woman come off as a heartless psychopath with a missing ……

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