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We already know that for statements given in data sufficiency, information is always consistent between the statements given with the question and that the statements never contradict each other. Hence, learning to recognize how one statement does or does not limit the information in the other is the key in deciding between the choices C and E while combining statements.

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Demystifying GMAT Mixtures questions

Mixture questions are very common and show up frequently on the GMAT. There are different kind of Questions that fall in these segment. You will be surprised to know that mixtures questions can be combined with other unlikely concepts such as Interest, Averages, Profit & Loss. But all of this can be tackled with a single method…….

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Tackling Evidence Based Questions on the SAT : Investigate like Sherlock

One of the toughest aspects of the SAT reading section is the Evidence Based question. This is because a standard SAT reading passage will bombard you with a barrage of details and evidences; yet, only a few of these will truly be pertinent to what a question asks for or to the passage’s main idea. That said, finding these important evidences is essential to doing well on the SAT.

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